Yaakov Shapiro

Yaakov Shapiro – Speaker and Author

Yaakov Shapiro

Yaakov Shapiro is a rabbi emeritus of a congregation in Queens, New York, and his specialty is Zionism, Judaism, and concepts of Jewish Identity.

He is an outstanding speaker and author known for his exceptional understanding of Judaism and various components of Jewish identity. He has amazing communication abilities owing to which he enlightens thousands of people through his amazing understanding of Judaism.

Yaakov Shapiro has learned a number of things from his wide-ranging experiences and has outperformed in every role that he has taken up so far.

He is different from other speakers and authors in a way that he chooses a scholarly approach in his work. He is highly educated and he surely knows how to communicate and engage with the large audience.

Yaakov Shapiro keeps people involved in his work and the credit goes to his remarkable sense of humor. He is best known for his original and outspoken stance defending the historic Orthodox Jewish position that rejects the concept of Jewish nationalism and thus, opposes Zionism.


Yaakov Shapiro is available to offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Judaism
  • Jewish identity
  • Jewish law and philosophy
  • Jewish nationalism
  • Zionism


Yaakov Shapiro is available to shed light on the several aspects Judaism, Jewish identity, Jewish law and philosophy, Jewish nationalism, he is also available to talk about his four books, three of which are written in Rabbinic Hebrew-Aramaic, and numerous articles dealing with Jewish philosophy and law.

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